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18th July 2014 Newsletter

Well we are coming down the home stretch and things are getting tough. Our top Men and Women's teams respectively are holding 4th and 3rd position. So still in the running for sure and very respectable.

It is about now in our hockey season in all teams where injuries and other issues start to wear on individuals, that is Players, Coaches, Managers and yes even Presidents. I would like to pass on the wisdom that we are not the Lone Ranger and it is also happening in other clubs as well. This is where the real meaning of Team, Club and Fortitude to maintain the winning spirit need to stand out.
We at Melville have been told over the years that because we are a home grown and a family club and take it upon ourselves to adopt our imports, that we can't reach the top. Don't have the killer spirit and so on. Well I say as a well known Melville top squad player may say is bollocks. If we stick together, keep up the tempo, play for your team, play for your mate and play for your club we will get there. I look forward to seeing great games this week and remember we have earned the right to show the hockey community that we not only came to play but also to win.

Presentation Night - The presentation night has been booked again at the favorite location of Tompkins on The Swan. This year the event will be held Friday night 26 September 2014. So please put this in your diary. There will be more advertised over the next weeks. We are a finals club so it has been planned so our finals players, Honored Guests, Life Members and VIPS can attend and have fun out of season. Hopefully we will be celebrating some final successes as well.

Hookin2Hockey - It was again a great night 4 July to see all of the very young players in our club getting their turn on the turf. Well done to Roger Mellor and team for organizing such a great night. I am sure the kids enjoyed it. If you can judge by the amount of activity on the night they had a blast.Thanks to the Bar and Kitchen Staff Maureen, Lynda, Nicola, Steve and Leo Volunteers on the night. It would not have been a great event without you guys.

Due to a fixture mix up I would like to thank the following senior teams from Fremantle, Dale and Old Aquinians for their patience for allowing their games to start 30 minutes later than their normal start schedule. The kids really enjoyed their time on the turf.

All Grass Teams - Whether training or after games please put your goals away on completion of your event. If in doubt that there is another team using them after your session then please put them away they will soon stop you if required.

Volunteer Request - There is an urgent request for volunteers to work with the kitchen staff who are looking for part time kitchen assistants to learn the role from Lynda and Maureen. If anyone is interested and we do need your help please contact Lynda on Mob: 0418945876.

Entertainment Books - If you haven't picked your book up please do so if they were requested and paid for during registration. There are also some left over for over the counter sales at the bar. So if you need a book please come and get one for yourself or more so as a gift. At $65.00 this is a bargain for even some of the savings that can be made as presented.

I hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Gary Bowater
MCHC President

Thanks to TJM Photographics for their tireless work each weekend photographing games at all levels around the club. You can find a selection on the Melville Facebook page, and if you want copies of any please contact Teresa. We also thanks Teresa for allowing us to use the some of the photographics in our newsletter The Pride.

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Sponsorship opportunities