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President’s Pen – 22 July 2015

I hope everyone had a good break with the bye weekend break now long and forgotten. On return our Top Squad Men and Women’s teams went down. Without complaining too hard we did have many players out attending the U21s Nationals in Canberra and Hobart. On paper though we did look to have solid teams representing MCHC and I believe the coaches would have liked a better result while exploring the depth of the club as is required throughout the season.

It is time to take stock, understand where we are on the ladder and personally in our individual teams while doing the maths and come home winning games. This time of year is sometimes hard to dig deep but champions always do and we have leading squads who have the ability each and every one to be a champion. I really look forward to the remainder of the season and especially our new and up and coming players and senior players showing us some quality hockey.

Unfortunately - there have been some issues from the sideline that have been brought to my attention that I must mention. Berating umpires in a hurtful and undignified way is not acceptable. Without these dedicated people we would not have a game of quality. A bit of fun is healthy. Abuse shows poor personal character and reflects poorly on the club. If you are sitting beside someone behaving poorly this way tell them to cool it and think before carrying on in this manner and ask them if they would like one of their family members berated this way by some sideline yobboes.

New Uniform Progress – The next phase of working towards a whole club uniform change is now in progress. We did learn a lot by gearing our Top Squad Men up at the start of the season and now are moving towards selection of the on field and off field attire for the transition year 2016. We welcomed Gary Gabriel our Account Manager from Canterbury at the last committee meeting who assisted us even further in making the right choices. Now the continued hard work by the uniform committee kicks into high gear.

Kitchen Specialty – I am advised that a very special curry night has been organized by Raj Widikara and family this Thursday. I have known this family for many years and look forward to this spicy and not so spicy delight while mixing with all of our club members. See you there Thursday.

On a very sad note – Hockey has lost one of the best. Please see the below from our Graham Napier in honour of Ian Pitt.

Australian Umpires One & All

Over the weekend we lost one of Australia's Umpiring Icons, Ian Pitt.

After quite a period of ill health Ian passed away at Fiona Stanley Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Hockey truly has lost the 'Australian Mecca' in hockey umpiring.

Ian was one of the very few who Played, Umpired and Officiated for Australia. Ian is responsible for the careers of many outstanding Australian Umpires none the least than that of Murray Grime who is currently rated in the top few of World Hockey Umpires.

Ian was unique in his approach to Umpiring, he aspired to 'the intent of the rule' not necessarily the 'black & white'. He had a passion for the game like no other and at 74 was still very much up with the game as it played today and able to adapt and coach, today. Ian was instrumental in the initiation of the current & very successful Junior Umpires Coaching program known as the 'Pitt Group' being run by Sarah Allanson.

Australian Hockey has lost today a man with a wealth of hockey knowledge, experience, passion and a very dear friend to us all.

Ian, it has been our honour to know, love and admire the skill and talent that you had and shared with us all. Rest in Peace dear friend.

Graham Napier

From Melville City Hockey Club – God Bless and Rest in Peace Ian our thoughts are with your family and friends and this very sad time for all of us. The funeral for Ian Pitt is Tuesday, 28 July. 10:00am at the Fremantle Cemetery.

Gary Bowater – Melville City Hockey Club – President

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