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President's Pen - 20 May 2015

The games on the weekend – In what was a very wet weekend, the boys battled the elements with UWA (see our facebook photos) which proved to be an arm wrestle from about half time. From the side line UWA seemed to have come to the game with a good game plan, excellent short corner plays and equal fitness with our men. Whilst we proved we can match it with the best, the game plan devised by the Melville coaches which was equally as good as UWA's, was not totally adhered to and combined with, sometimes the smallest of errors cost us dearly. The truth is this was a game played by two very good teams and Melville lost 4–3. Welcome to our new striker and sometimes mid fielder Alex Wenn who scored the first goal. I still see positives and expect this team to keep improving. Especially if they are supported by the elder statesmen of the club like on Sunday in the change rooms.

For the Top Squad Women's game the weather worsened further with torrential type down pour, which forced the TDs to halt the game at half time. This was a bit of blow for the Melville ladies who were already up 2–0. However, it was the fairest decision. It looks like our ladies will have to play the second half Tuesday 26 May, 7:00pm at Duracraft Stadium Turf. We did look solid up until the stoppage though. My sincere apologies to these two wonderful players Renee Taylor and Mathilda Carmichael for calling the flick wrong in last week's article. Renee got the flick, I am blind and so is the person who was sitting next to me. Good luck ladies when you play the second half.

There were many other Melville games on around the metropolitan area from juniors through to seniors. They all experienced this weather and these tough conditions. Well we definitely knew we were alive and I hope you all won or at least had a good game. This is what our great sport is all about and sometimes character building takes the front seat so to speak.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our many sponsors. Some are advertised in The Pride and all are advertised on our web page and in our bulletin. These generous corporate citizens give us funds to support our club. While you dear members may not buy from these sponsors if there is a product or service you require could you as a minimum at least give them a chance to provide a quote. In most cases you will be pleasantly surprised. Always please mention you are from Melville Hockey they will give you a great deal and we will get the recognition for supporting them as they support us.

I am sorry to report the documents supporting our request for portable change room additions are still with the City of Melville waiting for the Planning Dept as I understand it to either approve or recommend some changes required. I hope we can use them this season but more experienced people than I advise that this process is normal and drawn out.

Just some club house keeping and updates as bullet point comments:

Uniform Panel is now working into Phase two of the uniform change for the club and progressing to member uniforms and the extra paraphernalia type garments which go along with this change. That is brought about by our lead supplier Canterbury progressing successfully to the next level of the contract.

If you can help we are now desperate for some volunteers to be supervisors in the Kitchen. If you can help please contact Maureen Welten or Graeme Coleman m: 0414441490.

If you have a spare car hanging around in reasonable but not perfect condition we really need to give one of our import players a loaner for the season. If we are so lucky please contact me on Mob: 0418 734860.

See you at the club.

Gary Bowater – Melville City Hockey Club – President.

We are looking for a 6 x 4 box trailer to fit the portable on. Steve McEntee has let us use his trailer previously, but we need to have a permanent fix for the bar. If anyone has an unused trailer they would kind enough to donate to the club, please contact Graeme Coleman.

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