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25 May 2016

To say it was an eventful weekend is an understatement. H2H kids cancelled due to weather, Grass and Turf players playing in high winds and rain to complicate things. Power went out and the PA did not work but we did manage to present the Ron Wilson Cup to Vic Park with attending Wilma and Craig Wilson and VP President Ryan Willis available for the presentation. We thank them for being great good sports and ambassadors to hockey. It was great to see them all again. Well as we would hear from our seniors in the military it was really a “character building experience”. The 1s men proved once again they are a force to be reckoned with and had a confident win over Vic Park with a full squad I might add. Our Top Squad women played very well and managed a 1-all draw before time was called because of bad light and the game had to be terminated with I believe about 7 minutes to spare. My understanding is that the score will stand. We know our girls can do it and look forward to this week’s games. Well done to our top squads we are proud of you. The remaining two games Women’s 2s and 3s will be played at a later date. I am sure you will be all happy to know the lights are back on and there is somebody home.

Quick brief the final works being completed on the change rooms and approvals expected in the next couple of weeks. New turf lights installation commencement for May 30th and on track weather permitting. A thank you to all club volunteers with the juniors and seniors with the extreme conditions (last weekend) and changes on the fly happening I just wish to thank you, coaches, managers, coordinators and players for coping with last weekend’s events with a minimum of fuss and lots of professionalism. Well done to you all. This is what a good club is all about.

A special mention to the kitchen and bar staff who worked at times in the semi dark and kept things going somehow and provided the comforts and services that are so high that we have week in and week out and have become a trade mark of MCHC. Thank you so much.

See you at the club.

President – Gary Bowater

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