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President’s Pen – 25 June 2015

It is hard to comment on the top level games for me this week as I have just returned from a business trip overseas. Although kept up to speed by our VPs of the score the actual game comments will have to be left to others who were there. The win loss ratio is slowly starting to turn though and this is encouraging and much different from the first half of the season. We all look forward to our teams continuing to improve and finishing the season out very strong.

Portable Change Rooms – There was some welcome news last week with CoM informing us officially that the Planning Approval for site location and general arrangement of the units have indeed been approved. This is now a phase two operation and Graeme Coleman and myself are now working further on the details and arrangements of finishing the design of the building layout and site works which are required to be put into place to commence the building and physical preparation. One does learn that it is not just easy to put a building so to speak. We thank the CoM for their diligent efforts in supporting MCHC in this area.

Melvillite Volunteer Award – is a great idea and boost to the volunteer group who week in and week out put these uncharged hours and work into making this club run so well. Please enter your selection and brief description why someone should be honoured so these people may be honoured accordingly. I have to say the standard to date has been very high and humbling at knowing how these people contribute to our club.

HWA – Have some significant changes in the board group with 3 new members now being elected. There are some exciting things also in the making with bids for national competitions to be held in WA and a bid to host the International Committee Meetings for Hockey in WA. Sort of like the soccer (Football) governing body FIFA but one hopes without the surrounding scandal. We are happy to see the Umpiring working groups are in place and moving toward improved umpiring, standards, numbers and training. It will take time though but looks like moving in the right direction.

Treasurer – Our hard working and dearly loved treasurer Louise Dixon is making this her last year on the committee. Words cannot explain how we rely on her for guidance and the smooth running of the financial side of the club. It is a demanding position which covers all sides of the club. In saying that it is also a very rewarding position on the executive side of the committee with the benefit of working through all sides of the business of the MCHC. We are looking for someone to replace Louise and this hopefully will come to realization at our AGM after the end of the playing season usually sometime around October. If you believe you would like to take up this position and have a background that would complement the role we are very interested in hearing from you. Louise and the Committee will give guidance so please don’t feel daunted by the position as you will be part of a dynamic team which keeps our great club running. Please contact me or one of your committee members if you are considering taking on the role. We would like to hear from you.

If you can help we are now desperate for some volunteers to be supervisors in the Kitchen. If you can help please contact Maureen Welten or Graeme Coleman m: 0414441490.

Gary Bowater – Melville City Hockey Club – President

We are looking for a 6 x 4 box trailer to fit the portable on. Steve McEntee has let us use his trailer previously, but we need to have a permanent fix for the bar. If anyone has an unused trailer they would kind enough to donate to the club, please contact Graeme Coleman.

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