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Season 2014 Newsletter

Very Welcome to "The Pride" by now the buzz around the club is well and truly in place. Some successful pre season events so far have been:

MCHC Data Base and IMG operating system implementation. A Busy Bee was held which was really good and many hands assisted with the many jobs and tasks required to get the facilities in order. The uniform shop is functioning. The Bar and Kitchen is up and running and the huge task of our new turf is in place and working better than ever. That is for the facilities side of the club just so we can run. Thank you to all of the volunteers who are to few and without them we would not have the club in such fine shape.

Premier 1 Teams Men and Women Both the men and women's teams are now playing with the men on game 3 and the women on inaugural game 1. Good signs for the men as the coaches move the team around with one win and two losses. Fittingly the women have won their inaugural game in confident manner. Our top squads as with our other teams are fine athletes in many ways and we are proud of them. They dedicate their time to not only training with their squads but also in many other areas around the club as volunteer support for Team Training, Specialist Training, Minkey BBQ, Bar Duty etc. Please acknowledge these fine athletes by watching their games on game day and sometimes just saying hello as you pass them at the club.

Top Squad Uniform Presentation: I must say what a gala and great night was had by all. The Social Committee excelled by hosting this event. There were many guest speakers who all dealt with the leading questions from Kyle McNess and Pat Welsh in a professional manner. We were joined by our Premier 1 Ladies Sponsor Sue Rayner of Pulse Realty who added to the prestige of the night and presented the new and inaugural uniforms to the girls. The coaches Peter Freer and Blake Burrows sometimes put on the spot showed how it is done at a public event and gave a small insight as to the way forward for the teams season 2014. Go teams.

Melville Junior Hockey (from the President) Junior training, grading and team selection is well under way. We are very happy to advise that this year we have a Junior Development Program in place and headed up with our own Junior Development Coordinator, Russell Lee and closely working with him is our Junior Vice President Janine Tate. This program has also been sponsored by long time family members Bruce and Cam Porter of Porter Commercial. The program is based around assisting coaches to give their young wards the very best in coaching while keeping an eye to the next level so that the players move consistently with a high level of training up and through the grades. It is not based on elite hockey but based on the correct and best way to play hockey through the grades. We believe this will increase the standard of hockey at MCHC by the very nature of the way the program is run. We thank Russell, Bruce and Cam for being fine active Hockey Citizens and allowing this program to work. It goes without saying that the Coaches, Managers and Coordinators of the MCHC Junior program are second to none and we are admired as a club throughout the hockey world for our fine programs which have been in place for many years. If you would like to assist with Junior coaching we do need more coaches. Please contact Graeme Coleman Mob: 0414441490.

MCHC Turf Inc We do require some extra volunteer Turf Sweeper trained personnel. This machine is a great boost to the maintenance of the turf and is presently being run Mondays and Fridays by Barry Hancock. Its operation is easy and the job of cleaning the turf needs to be expanded. If you can assist with extra sweepings when required please contact Barry Hancock on email or mobile as follows: email or Mob: 0400310404. He will train you in its use. We really need a back up for Barry.

Facilities Manager: With all of the events around the club and over a year period now, not just a season, there has been identified the need for a facilities manager for these events. This manager will coordinate and really just check that the Turf, Grounds, Kitchen, Bar, Special Game and Committee are well aware of the event and its requirements and arrangements are in place to deal with the event. I am very happy to advise that our new and first time held Facilities Manager is Graeme Coleman 0414441490. If you have an event on and need it coordinated please advise Graeme at the earliest so he may check that all is in place.

What's Happening Update: The new turf facilities are still planned to occur but unfortunately pain stakingly slow. Turf 2 Committee have held further meetings with council to push things along. The council are formulating now a Master Plan to integrate facilities with several clubs to share. That is change rooms etc while the club specific items will still remain with the club. Not a model that we are totally in agreement with but at a work in progress stage at present.
Portable Change rooms are now being discussed with council and a budget plan is in place for July submittal and August grant to facilitate the addition of portable change rooms and a disabled persons facility be put in place.
A bit of a recent win is that we have submitted a plan for the addition of a container type structure for our uniform shop. This is well overdue and we hope to see this in place in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to Greg Hunt for pushing this through council and I am sure Tracy and team will be very happy about the latest addition.
I hope you all have a great Easter break and spend time with loved ones and friends as I am.

MCHC President


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Sponsorship opportunities