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27th August 2014 Newsletter

Some great games again on the weekend with our Top Women holding second place on the ladder but unfortunately losing 4 -2 to WASPs. A hot afternoon took a bit more to get used to than expected. Keep going ladies one more win to hold position on the ladder. It is vital to go into finals with a winning momentum. That starts with the belief in yourselves that you can do it. I am sure it helps that the Club already believes it. You have nothing to lose; so be bold and do your best.

Our Top Men were nothing short of brilliant. While no Rhodes Scholarships were being handed out just yet; it was getting pretty close after the game. A great win 3 - 2 against top of the table WASPs, with 3 goals scored by our favourite Dutchman Christiaan Stroboer. Christiaan ended up being the focal point of the team on the day, we played well, backed each other up and refused to accept a loss. The toughness was absolutely noticeable and respected by all of us club fans. There were many individual efforts; which were well noticed. The coaches were spent after an emotional roller coaster of scoring from both teams. Well done Team Well Done Coaches and Manager.

2 & 3s Teams - Our 2s and 3s Men were noticing some of the talent usually on their teams missing. While playing very hard at times it could be seen that the structures in defense and offense were breaking down. It does show that these very good teams are not that far in front of very good other teams. Some players were also spent after doubling up in higher grade games, which did not help. You are still there and need to regroup lick the wounds and get stuck back into it. We know you can do it.

Our 2s and 3s Women had an outstanding afternoon. You were called on to win with the mammoth task of holding grade and not being relegated. The club Thing was done you were supported by players and club fans but at the end of the day you ladies did win and we are proud of you. The depth required to move to the top is still there and alive and you have given every young women in the club an easier path to the top with a real chance to excel season 2015. Well done.

Presentation Night - The presentation night has been booked again at the favorite location of Tompkins On Swan. This year the event will be held Friday night 26 September 2014. So please put this in your diary. Managers please put your team tables together, bring your partners and have a good time. Please make sure you get your ticket and preferred table early. It will be a big one.

AGM - The three meetings MCHC AGM, MCHC OGM and Melville Turf AGM were held last night. The reports were in, nominations made and Nominees Elected and Appointees appointed. Thank you to all who attended. There will be an official list posted on the website soon but for now allow me to thank some of the outgoing committee people and welcome the incoming committee people where applicable. I would like to thank you for outstanding service as follows:
Janine Tate - VP Juniors, Graeme Coleman - Asst VP Juniors , Bruce Cadd - Masters Coordinator and Rob Fullarton - VP Women. Your outstanding service has made the club stronger and the envy of the WA hockey fraternity. Thank you from all the club members for your dedicated service.

We welcome new Committee Members and Assistants as follows: VP Women - Brianna Coleman, Asst VP Women Laura Costa, Masters Coordinator - Roger Bell and Asst VP Men Kyle McNess.
A final note on the AGM - I have been elected as Club President for one more year. I must say I am honored to be part of Melville City Hockey Club and especially as president. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I also feel that our culture is strong, our camaraderie second to none and we are all proud members of a fine club with a proud tradition which is breaking new ground every chance we can make for ourselves.

OGM Appointments - With the volunteer running of the club I will inform the club of the resignations and appointments in a week or two as these position movements become clearer. While not ominous at all we must thank all of our present club Managers, Coordinators and key position holders, for their dedicated service over many years and we look forward to growing your ranks so we can share the load in the future.

Junior Wind Up - will be held at the club Sunday, 21 September, 2014. Come and celebrate with our juniors, your kids, family and friends. It is a great morning. Our Junior Committee, Coordinators, Coaches and Managers are busy working towards the end of season games and this great day. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Year Books - Brad Wake has reminded me it is that time of year whereby all year book entries must be completed. So player written caricatures, award counts, Committee People articles, Coach entries etc must be completed. Managers please remind your players these year book entries are required and vital to a great year book for what is shaping up to be a good year.

Entertainment Books - If you haven't picked your book up please do so if they were requested and paid for during registration. There are also some left over for over the counter sales at the bar. So if you need a book please come and get one for yourself or more so as a gift. At $65.00 this is a bargain for even some of the savings that can be made as presented. Last chance is coming up fast only 15 left.
I hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Gary Bowater
MCHC President

Thanks to TJM Photographics for their tireless work each weekend photographing games at all levels around the club. You can find a selection on the Melville Facebook page, and if you want copies of any please contact Teresa. We also thanks Teresa for allowing us to use the some of the photographics in our newsletter The Pride.

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