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President's Pen - 23 April 2015

The Season for the seniors is now well under way. There has been a real slow start from the Top Men's teams with stiff competition from other clubs and still a few of our front line players out. A 3 - 0 start to the season for the men is not what we had hoped for. We do however have players returning and new players joining us. Please welcome Andy Bull from the UK who has joined us this week. There are two further players coming onboard shortly.

Our Women's Top squad had their first game last week with a 2 - 1 loss. This game was quite winnable with many penetrations into the D, but we could not seem to find the back board enough times to bring it home. Once again, early days and our team is still bedding down into first class hockey without the very dominate forward striking line we had last year. We welcome back our import players and new import players Mathilda Carmichael, Catriona Bailey-Price and Naomi Evans.

We look forward to Team Sponsors for the Women's Top Squad - Pulse Realty - and Men's Top Squad - Poolwerx - being represented throughout the season. While the Pulse Reality colours are now well known throughout the club and on the Women's Uniforms we will not see the new men's uniform until early May which will have the Poolwerx logo represented on it.

As footnote to the above the new Men's uniform will be the first look ahead at how the new club uniforms will look for next year.

The Kitchen is in full swing again on Thursday nights and other times so come on down and grab a delicious meal. At $10.00 a serve the value is fantastic. You can also meet top players and coaches as well as they join us most Thursday evenings for the meal and a quiet ale.

This Anzac Day Weekend there are plenty of games on and lots happening but please spare a thought for our returned service men and women who kept and keep our country free so we all may enjoy our freedom and the involvement with the sport we so love.

I hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Gary Bowater – Melville City Hockey Club – President.

We are looking for a 6 x 4 box trailer to fit the portable on. Steve McEntee has let us use his trailer previously, but we need to have a permanent fix for the bar. If anyone has an unused trailer they would kind enough to donate to the club, please contact Graeme Coleman.

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