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President’s Pen – 20 August 2015

Still a lot happening with teams in the finals lining up to be ready. Hook into 2 Hockey, Juniors and Senior Wind Ups being planned and tickets being sold. It is an exciting time of year and can be very good and fun for club members, friends and families.

Our Top Squad Men and Women must take stock though. With only two regular games left in the season it is time to dig deep as an individual, team member and the very best the club has to offer to our great game of hockey. It is about making it happen no matter what and showing the hockey land clubs our family and friends that we can finish every time at our best and are here to stay and be reckoned with now and in the future.

Club members if you can make it to the games and support our teams please do so at Duracraft Stadium this Saturday 4:00pm and 5:30PM and of course either side for the Premier 1 games for Premier 2 games. Your positive support is not only welcomed but needed. Let’s show our elite athletes we are behind them all the way and that any team playing against Melville at home has not only the team to beat but the whole club. We look forward to seeing you there and being a part of the action and fun.

Events - Some of the events coming up are: Club AGM, Senior and Junior Wind Ups, The Year Book, and of course our teams who make finals. Let’s support these events all the way.

Committee Positions – There are some positions coming up on your club committee which are very important. Two that come to mind are Club Treasurer and VP Finance and Sponsorship. If you are interested in filling either of these very important positions please let me know. Incumbents Louise Dixon (Treasurer) and Peter Oudejans (VP Finance and Sponsorship) will give you a good handover and offer advice during your tenure. Come and join a dynamic committee and be part of the club operation and history. Please contact me on Mob: 0418 734 860 if you are interested in discussing please contact these or any committee member to advise you are ready and willing to help.

I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Gary Bowater – Melville City Hockey Club – President

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