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2023 Junior Grading

Melville’s grading process typically runs over four weeks, beginning in early March. Dates and times will be released in early February – watch this space!

All players need to register before attending grading. You are able to register your child with a deposit and then enter a payment plan for the costs.

2023 Junior Information

We look forward to welcoming to all of our new and returning families to the 2023 Junior Season. Resgistration is now open – existing members have been emailed with all of the details for the new season. For prospective new members, once you have registered (via the link above) you will be added to our mailing list. Please also keep an eye on our website or our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) as we will post regular updates there.

A Junior Newsletter will come out in February with all the important information for the new season. Please contact our Junior VP, Vanessa Carmody if you have any questions.

Junior Committee

New volunteers are always welcome.

If you would like to be involved with the Committee or can assist the Club in any way please contact VP Juniors Vanessa Carmody or the Junior Committee.

See Junior Contact information below.

Minkey and Junior 3/4 (Grads)

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of signing your child up for Junior Hockey?

The “Juniors” section of MCHC refers to all children aged approx. 4 to 18yrs who play Minkey, J3/4 and the Hockey WA Junior Competition of J5/6 to J11/12 (numbers refer to player’s school year). If your child is in Year 3 or below, then please see the “Minkey” section of our website. If your child is in Year 4, they may play in our club-based “J3/4” competition OR J5/6 Grade. Please contact us to decide which of these options is appropriate for your child.

The following information refers to J5/6s to J11/12s.

How do I register?

All our registrations are done online. Registrations are now open for 2023!

When do they play?

J5/6 and J7/8 games are played on Saturday mornings, with J5/6 games typically starting between 8.00am – 9.30am, and J7/8 games starting between 9.00am – 10.30 am (this may vary however, dependoing on ground availability, with some Junior games commencing at 11.30am). Games take approximately one hour, with players usually required to be at the ground about half an hour before the starting time.

J9/10 games are played on Sunday mornings between 8.30am and 1:00pm, and take about 70 minutes.

J11/12 games are played on Friday nights, with 5.30pm – 8.30pm start times.

Where do they play?

Junior Hockey is organised on a “home and away” system, with teams playing each other twice during the season, usually once at “home” and once “away” (at the opposition’s home ground). Because of our extensive Minkey and J3/4 program, our grass fields at Morris Buzacott are not available for most of Saturday morning.

  • Our J5/6 teams play their “home” games at Bill Ellson Reserve in Bateman.
  • Our J7/8 players play some home games at Melville (Morris Buzacott) and some at Bill Ellson, with Division 1 teams playing occasional turf games.
  • J9/10 grass games are played at Melville.
  • J9/10 turf games and all J11/12 home games are played on the Melville turf.

What time/night do they train?

Below are our training nights for the 2022 season, by age group. These may slightly change for 2023, depending on Coach availability and team numbers.


  • J5/6 TUESDAY
  • J7/8 TUESDAY
  • J11/12 MONDAY


  • J11/12 MONDAY

Where do they train?

All Junior teams train at our home ground, Morris Buzacott Reserve in Kardinya, either on the turf or on the grass, depending on their age/grade.

How do you allocate children into teams?

Within each year group (e.g. J5/6), we have several teams, so we need to divide the players up. We have a grading process that runs over four weeks, during regular training times.

These grading sessions consist of fitness, skills and games, which are age-appropriate, with the players observed by a group of experienced club members who act as selectors.

Can my child play with his/her friend?

Where possible we try to accommodate requests for players to be together, especially in J5/6 grade.

Club Policy is that where two players are graded differently by the selectors, then if they wish to play together they will be placed in a team according to the lower grading.

What equipment do they need?

All players require a hockey stick, shin pads and mouthguard. These are essential to ensure player safety.

A uniform is required for game days, but not for training (just wear comfortable sportswear – t-shirt, shorts/skirt and long socks).

Where can I buy the equipment?

The club has a small range of sticks, shin pads and hockey bags available for sale at our own Uniform Shop. Alternatively, there are several specialist hockey shops in Perth who have a wide range of equipment. Hockey International, at 10/267 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mt Hawthorn, is a club sponsor and they will be more than happy to help you out.

Mouthguards can be organised through your child’s dentist, or we have a dental prosthetist who comes down to the club for a week of the grading sessions to take impressions and to produce a custom-fitted mouthguard for your child. You can also buy ready-made mouthguards at some chemists and sports shops, although these do not provide the same level of protection as a custom-made version.

Contact Details

VP Juniors (Junior Coordinator)Vanessa Carmody0430 439 257
Coordinators ManagerMatt Read0408 088 949
UmpiringSteve Woods0439 614 296
EquipmentPaige Forbes0402 028 970
Junior Indoor HockeyMario Sorci0419 967 696
Minkey (including J3/4)Leon Platel
Bunbury CarnivalLauren Anderson
Fiona Power
0439 961 054
0427 991 359
J5/6 GirlsRebecca Reeves0447 229 898
J5/6 BoysTarryn Hughes0403 902 835
J7/8 GirlsLauren Anderson0439 961 054
J7/8 BoysTodd Barrett
J9/10 GirlsFiona Power0427 991 359
J9/10 BoysGeoff Cooper
J11/12 GirlsMarie Farrow0438 946 502
J11/12 BoysTodd Elliott0425 138 805
Year Coordinators